At Ardlea Medical Practice, we offer a wide range of services to our patients in addition to consultations for general medical problems and routine follow up for ongoing medical problems. If you wish to book for any of these services please let us know at the time of booking as some of these will take longer than a normal appointment slot.
Some of these services are covered by private health insurance providers. We provide services under the GMS (medical card scheme, including the Under 6 scheme and the Over 70 scheme. All fees payable at time of visit. Some services are not covered by the GMS (medical card) scheme and charges will apply


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Wearing a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours gives a more accurate assessment of your blood pressure and will help decide whether or not you need drug therapy.



Cryotherapy is a method of removing a variety of unwanted skin lesions including warts. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen which when applied to certain skin lesions “freezes” them. Cryotherapy is generally suitable for patients aged 12 years or older


Cervical Smear

Cervical Smear This is a quick and simple test which could detect early cancer of the cervix. Cervical smear tests are free to women between 25 and 60 under the National Cervical Screening Programme. For further information and to check your eligibility


Travel Health Advice and Vaccination

The practice is a licensed yellow fever vaccination centre and has facilities to provide an assessment of your travel vaccination needs as well as providing important advice on avoiding illness while abroad. A special appointment is required for this.


Ante-Natal Care

We provide combined ante-natal care free of charge under the mother and child scheme, which offers a defined number of visits during the pregnancy and in the post natal period. Whooping cough vaccine and seasonal flu vaccination is available during pregnancy as recommended at an additional charge if you do not have a medical card.

Further information on combined care


Childhood Immunisation

We provide a full range of childhood immunisation, according to the nationally recommended schedule. These are provided by the HSE and are available free of charge


Dietary Advice and smoking Cessation

If you need some help in this area, our Practice Nurse can offer valuable advice and tips, along with practical solutions


Diabetes Clinic

We offer continuing care to registered patients with diabetes, including the diabetes cycle of care for patients with type 2 diabetes who have a medical card. Also, a specialist diabetes nurse holds a clinic every 3 months in the practice. This service is free to patients.